Competition Details


  • Junior Division: Average Age (8-12.99)
  • Senior Division: Average Age (13 & up)
  • Age of all competitors is as of January 1, 2017.

Junior and Seniors will be judged separately in the following categories:

BALLET – Consisting of Ballet or Pointe techinique. Must include classical steps and movements. Ballet or Pointe shoes must be worn.

JAZZ/HIP HOP – Consisting of jazz technique and must contain primarily jazz work including funk and hip hop.

CONTEMPORARY/MODERN – Consisting of varying techniques (jazz, ballet) demonstrating balance, extension, control and interpretation.

MUSICAL THEATER – Consisting of theater style dance and musical interpretation.

NOVELTY – Consisting of all other categories, clogging, ethnic, acro/gymnatics.

TAP – Consisting of tap technique. Must wear tap shoes.

Judges reserve the right to change the competing dancers category if a piece is entered improperly.

Chicago Dance Connection


  • Solo $75.00
  • Duo $50.00 per dancer
  • Trio $50.00 per dancer
  • Group (4-8) $35.00
  • Line (9 or more) $30.00
  • Production (9 or more) $30.00 per dancer

Chicago Dance Connection


  • You must be pre-registered for the entire convention in order to compete.
  • 2 solo entries permitted per registrant.
  • The following time limits are strictly enforced.  A five point deduction will be taken for any piece going over these time limits:
    • Solo, Duo, Trio, Group, Line three minutes.
    • Production six minutes.
  • 3 gymnastic moves allowed per routine.
  • Props are permissible but must not be hazardous.
  • Competition Fees are non-refundable…no exceptions.
  • Free Admission.

Chicago Dance Connection


  • Music will be uploaded to CDC.
  • Music must be cued with no more than a 4 second lead.
  • All music must be completely edited and cued to the start of each routine.

Chicago Dance Connection


Competition entrants do not compete against each other for a single award in their category. They only compete against themselves on our scoring system. Plaque awards are presented to the top 3 scores in each category.

High Gold 83.0-90.0 High Gold 84.0-90.0
Gold 76.0-82.9 Gold 77.0-83.9
High Silver 70.0-75.9 High Silver 71.0-76.9
Silver 63.0-69.9 Silver 64.0-70.9
High Bronze 57.0-62.9 High Bronze 58.0-63.9
Bronze 56.99 and below Bronze 57.99 and below
  • Most Outstanding Presentation Trophy Award and $200 Cash Prize.
  • Most Outstanding Choreography Trophy Award and $100 Cash Prize.
  • Each selected by our judges.