Evelyn Rice

Evelyn RiceEvelyn Rice is the founder and co-director of The Exposure Movement, Inc., an artist development company that exposes and educates young artists through media and performing arts. She has been working on-camera and behind-the scenes in the entertainment industry for over 12 years. Evelyn has been fortunate to learn and grow through many arrangements of multimedia events, from starting off being captain and choreographer of the UIC dance team and modeling with CHB Dance Company, then venturing onto dance stages with recording artists including, Kimberly Locke, Jennfier Holiday, Alfonso Hunter, Twista, and native Chicago artists, such as Drew Sidora, Endiskize, Javante Monet, and Kim Keller. Her passion is constantly being fed from the talented people she has the honor of training with and working alongside. Evelyn just recently collaborated with OSIP and Agency EA to direct an extravagant corporate stage production, and they are currently working on upcoming high caliber projects. She worked with Stage Factor and KMS on the flash mob for America’s Beauty Show 2012. She has also performed at conventions, sports arenas, and various venues nationwide. As a freelance choreographer, she works with many studios, high schools and colleges that compete at Regional, State, and National competitions. In 2011, Evelyn became part of the faculty for Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM), as an educator for hip hop. Other recent credits include: WGN-TV, Pivot Point International 2010, 2008 Future Vision Tour, Vicious, Dance 2XS, UDA, Varsity.com, Cheer and Dance Association (CDA), America’s Beauty Show, The Chicago Confidential, Glamour Magazine April 2007 issue, NIKE Rockstar Workout Winner 2006, and she was also featured in Atlantic recording artist, Bayje’s “Jealous of Your Whip” music video. Evelyn currently coaches at Soul2Sole Dance Studio and teaches at Visceral Dance Center.